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The Origin of MeraShell

Why has the toilet seat design never really changed after multiple decades? It seems like such a wasted opportunity to improve our lives. Here at MeraShell we decided to improve it by creating a built-in back support, right in the lid.

Anywhere between 40% to 60% of all Americans complain of back problems, and our founder was one of them. Aside from back problems, many groups of people have issues with balance and stability around the toilet, including people who have fibromyalgia, vertigo, seizures, or have had strokes, and people recovering from accident trauma, as well as many senior citizens. Additionally, people who are on pain medication and deal with constipation may spend a longer amount of time on the toilet.

The MeraShell can make sitting more comfortable for anyone, even if they have a healthy back. To prevent sanitary issues, the MeraShell was designed not to protrude very far down when closed, so it would never touch the water level. Over 90% of the time, most toilet seat lids are left in the upright position anyway. There are no seams on the underbelly of the lid, so it can be cleaned easily. It also has an anti-microbial porcelain glaze so it can be wiped down just like the rest of the toilet.

The MeraShell not only supports the lumbar region, it also acts as a sort of beacon or guide which can help center you on the seat. This can be very helpful for people going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, because it could make it less likely to misjudge the location of the seat, and fall off. There are known examples of seniors missing the seat when first sitting down, then sliding off and cracking a rib on the edge of the nearby tub.

There are several add-on contraptions on the market that seem to be trying to address issue of lumbar back support and general stability, including straps, supports, seat belts and even structures that look like walkers, but none of them do what the MeraShell does – which is incorporate itself right into the lid itself to support the occupant. The four distinct curves meet and support the back comfortably, even for people of different sizes. In 2022 the MeraShell was officially patented by the U.S Patent & Trademark Office.

Whether for back support, general wellness, placement guidance, or comfort, the MeraShell shape is here to stay.

How It Works

The patented MeraShell seat meets the back’s natural lumbar curve without any pressure points. This brings stability because it is built right into the lid, and has no seams. It is made out of the same plastic polymer as the lid and seat.

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